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Viet Tri, spring 2016

The SOS Children’s Village in Viet Tri is caring for 256 children, including 136 children living in 15 family houses, 33 boys living at the youth facility and 87 children living in hostels and motels. Additionally, the Village has 50 youths in the semi–independent living programme.

09. mai 2016

Every three months, the SOS-mothers and aunts attend a club led by highly-qualified teachers, where they discuss issues such as family management, childcare and education.

There are 159 children attending general education and 37 attending tertiary education. The Village has also organized a lot of extra activities for children, including football, table tennis, badminton, chess and painting.

The total number of the children of the youth house is 33. The youths are all healthy and well cared for. The village has contracted a cook to serve means for the youth to ensure that they are eating well. They are also taught how to cook themselves, as well as other skills such as gardening. Additionally, staff at the youth house organise seminars on various topics for both SOS-youth and other young people from the community.


There are 232 children at the SOS-Kindergarten, of which 9 children come from the Village. All teachers and staffs are enthusiastic and dedicated to their work. The Kindergarten is constantly working to enhance the curriculum and quality of services, and attracts a lot of kids from the neighbouring community.          

Some of the main activities at the Hermann Gmeiner School include:

  • implementing innovative methods of teaching and learning
  • promoting interdisciplinary activities to help students use their knowledge and solve practical problems
  • establishing a science and technology competition for high school students
  • ensuring specialised activities with professional groups, including internships

98.7% students passed the secondary final exam, while 100% students passed the high school final exam. In the school year 2014-2015, 21 students got excellent results in competitions. 8 students won prizes in different subjects at the city level and were selected to participate at provincial level.

The Hermann Gmeiner Vocational Training School recruited new 153 students, including 94 students for secondary vocational training and 59 for preliminary vocational training. The total number of students in 2015 was 365. 235 of these students are poor and benefit from the SOS-scholarship.