Gå til hovedinnhold

Hope begins with a home


Life was not easy for the widow Gladys Harrison. She cares for two sons with disabilities, as well as four other children. When her husband died, Gladys' situation became very difficult. She did not have a house, nor the means to meet the children's most basic needs.

The disability of her two children, one is blind and the other has a mental illness, made it impossible for Gladys to leave home to look for day jobs, find fuel or get food. Some of her children lived with neighbors, and Gladys lived an unworthy life and felt stigmatized by society. She was outside the community with the other women in the local community, and her children were unable to continue their education.

Fortunately - life changed

Gladys became part of SOS Children's Villages' family program and received support for houses, access to food and good advice to be able to master the tough parenting role better. The first night in the new house, Gladys and her children felt a great peace. - I was given a new chance and a new start! Says Gladys. She describes the move to a new house as fantastic: - We were blessed with a fantastic house and access to food, now we can all live together as a family. Gladys also feels a better community with other women in the community, her children are back in school and are eager to participate in teaching again.

When asked what it means for families like her to receive support from the family program, Gladys is in no doubt: - This has changed our lives completely! We would never have made it without this support.

Gladys and her familiy's new house. She and two of her children are sitting outside. Photo: SOS Children's Villages