Vi er i Sudan

Vi er i Sudan

Armed conflict has affected all aspects of life

Children striking a pose for the camera - photo: C. Ashleigh
Two girls in our care from SOS Children's Village Khartoum (photo: SOS archives).
The population of Sudan is around 35.4 million (July 2014 est.), with the capital city of Khartoum being home to five million people. Sudan's recent history of armed conflicts has affected all areas of social, economic and political life. The fighting of the past 50 years has cost over 1.5 million lives. Hundreds of thousands have been killed and about two million have been displaced during fighting in Darfur. In 2011, further conflicts in South Kordofan and the Blue Nile State caused additional suffering for the local population.

Sudan has one of the highest rates of internally displaced people in the world: around four million people have had to leave their homes. Others have sought refuge in neighbouring countries; many from Darfur have fled to Chad and those from the Blue Nile State into neighbouring Eritrea.

A society facing many future challenges

Children are vulnerable due to the instability

Young boy looking into the camera - photo: C. Ashleigh
Graduating from the SOS Kindergarten and looking forward to going to school  (photo: SOS archives).

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