The SOS Children's Village Worpswede also offers an educational community to children and youth who need temporary external accommodation due to grave conflicts within their natural family. Six children up to fourteen years can stay there for a maximum duration of one year. Moreover, an educational integration group for children from four to twelve years, who are suffering from severe emotional impairments, was established. A team of educators looks after the children around the clock. Additional, two day care groups for children in pre-school age and primary pupils are operational. Children from families in difficult situations receive social and educational support in these two groups.

The children and youth conference meets if important matters are up for decision (e.g. the purchase of new toys). Events are being discussed and wishes or suggestions can be openly expressed. Additional educational and therapeutic programs like role-playing, pottery classes, story telling as well as music and play therapy complete the aid and service program offered by the SOS Children's Village Worpswede.