Vi er i Benin

Vi er i Benin

A diverse country in western Africa

Cooking for a large family, SOS Children's Village Dassa-Zoumé - photo: C. F. Ngo Biyack
In the playground (photo: SOS archives)

Benin has a total population of 10.4 million and its capital city is Porto-Novo, home to approximately 280,000. Its official language is French; however, a number of indigenous languages, in particular Yoruba and Fon, are widely spoken.

One of Africa's most stable democracies but still a very poor nation

Children are in need of protection

Making a living, Family Strengthening Programme Abomey-Calavi - photo: C. F. Ngo Biyack
Children grow up with their brothers and sisters (photo: SOS archives)

SOS Children's Villages in Benin