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Barnebyer i Costa Rica

Costa Rica

At present there are three SOS Children's Villages, one SOS Youth Facility, one SOS Vocational Training Centre and one SOS Social Centre in Costa Rica. In 1972, SOS Children's Village started working in Costa Rica. Although the socioeconomic situation in Costa Rica is far better than in many other Latin American countries, poverty and neglect still affect thousands of Costa Rican children and families. In three different locations, SOS Children's Villages is supporting children and young people both in SOS families and in their families of origin.

A peaceful political situation


Having fun outside, SOS Children's Village Limón - photo: Miguel Rivera
Having fun outside, SOS Children's Village Limón - photo: Miguel Rivera
The Republic of Costa Rica is situated in Central America. It shares borders with Nicaragua in the north and Panama in the south. Costa Rica is listed among the top twenty countries with the greatest biodiversity in the world.


In 1949, then-president José Figueres Ferrer abolished the country's army. In fact, he was the first president in the world to do so. Since then, Costa Rica has maintained only a small number of law enforcement guards for internal security reasons.

At present, the total population of Costa Rica is 4,300,000, with roughly one quarter living in the capital city of San José. Costa Rica is home to the Inter-American Court of Human Rights and the United Nations University of Peace, both based in San José. Tourism - particularly from Europe, Canada and the United States - now accounts for a vast part of Costa Rica's Gross Domestic Product.