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Your support has positively impacted the lives of children in the SOS Children’s Village Kosovo and community

Back to school 

“Going back to school changed my life for the better. I feel so much happier now” says Tringa*. With the help and encouragement from our colleagues supporting families in the community Tringa went back to school and she managed to catch up with her peers in no time. 

School dropout rates remains a challenge and concern in the Kosovar society. Particularly in minority and marginalized communities. The risks and consequences that come with dropping out of school are lifelong. For girls this leads to early marriage and other social issues.

A brighter future for many children

In only one of the locations in the community, our colleagues have successfully reintegrated 5 children into school this year. They also helped with the registration of 15 more for the first time. That makes 20 children with a brighter futures thanks to donors like you! Working closely with schools, the Ministry of Education, and parents, our colleagues ensure that children receive the necessary support to adjust and catch up with their peers. 

Children in Kosovo, who will get a better future with the possibility of going to school. Photo: Morten Ødegaard. Pristina, Kosovo.  

Good news travels fast. Following the initial success, even children outside our programs are reaching out to help them in their journey back to school. 

I extend my heartfelt thanks to you, and please know that you are in the heart of every success story. 

Warm regards, 
Sara Mustafa
National Director Assistant/ National Sponsorship Coordinator 
SOS Children’s Villages Kosovo 

*Kindly note that for data protection reasons, I have changed all the names in the stories. And the children in the picture are not the children in the story. 

*En viktig forespørsel: Vær på vårt lag når det kommer til å beskytte barns personvern, ikke del videre informasjon, bilder og videoer. Takk! Dersom barn forlater fadderprogrammet, fjernes tilsvarende bilde- og videomateriale senest etter 1 år.