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20. mai 2016

Adolfo was not registered at birth, but received support from SOS Children's Villages Family Strengthening Program.

Adolfo Mupa (18 years old) is one of the scholarship students at the SOS-school from Lubango's Family Strengthening Program. His family lives in Mapunda and was admitted in the program in 2007, and left it as self-reliant in 2012. Adolfo currently attends 10th grade at the Health Training Technical School.

Not registered at birth

Adolfo did not have his birth registration. Children without birth certificates are at risk of lifelong exclusion from fundamental benefits and rights such as access to education.

Successful at school

SOS Children's Villages' Family Strengthening Program advocated for the acquisition of the birth registration and Adolfo Mupa was enrolled at the SOS-school. The desire to study and learn was huge and he increasingly proved to be a smart and hard-working boy in school.

In 2012, while in the 6th grade, Adolfo was appraised with a Certificate of Merit. Colleagues and friends praised him as he became even more dedicated and studious. "I will move to the following grade. I will pass!" That was always his answer when he was asked: "Are you going to succeed?"

Adolfo Mupa is now studying in grade 10, taking a nursery course. He has received several awards for his excellent results and the SOS Family Strengthening Program is proud of his good performance at school.


Thank you Ulstein Group for investing in children and young people, and sharing our commitment to their human rights.