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17. oktober 2015

Through its Medical Centre (MC) in Monrovia, SOS Children's Villages Liberia is working to provide quality healthcare to members of the community.
Dr. Eugene D. Dolopei sees around 30-45 patients every day at the SOS Medical Centre in Monrovia.

Why did you choose to work at the SOS MC?

I was asked through the Ministry of Health by SOS Childrens Villages Liberia to work as the covering physician for the clinic in the SOS CV in Matadi in 2000. The Matadi clinic was later moved and the SOS MC established in Congo Town, Liberia. Since then, I have worked for the SOS Medical Centre.

For how long have you been a doctor at the MC?

Since 2005, when the SOS Medical Centre was established. I am a former medical director of the facility.

How many patients do you see each day on average?

On average, I see about 30 - 45 patients a day.

What are the main illnesses you are treating patients for at the MC?

The main illnesses range from malaria, enteric fever, urinary tract infections, acute respiratory tract infections to diabetes mellitus and cerebrovascular accidents (stroke) and hypertension and congestive cardiac failure, and hepatitis B.

What are the main challenges about being a doctor at the MC?

The main challenge is the workload. There has been an increase in the number of patients coming to the Medical Centre.

How did you find work during the Ebola period?

Work was very tasking during this period as the health care delivery system was in shambles. Most of the health facilities were closed or functioning at minimum capacity. Most of the care givers were afraid to work because of the fear of infection from Ebola. Our facility being one of the few that was still functioning, we had an increased number of patients which made us work over time.