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SOS Children's Village Maputo is located within the Laulane Suburb and comprises 15 Family Houses and 5 Youth Facilities. 15 SOS-mothers and 8 SOS-aunts look after 140 children, while 5 Youth Leaders support 42 youths. The main aim has been to create an environment in which the children are well cared for and provided with quality health services and education, so that in the future they become active contributing members of the society.

09. mai 2016

Education a top priority

Education is one of the top priorities SOS Children's Villages and as Nelson Mandela said: "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world". SOS Children's Village Maputo enrolled 7 children at Kindergarten, 88 children attended Primary Education, 33 children attended Secondary School, 2 children attended Basic Technical School, 3 children attended Medium Technical School and 4 children attended Vocational Training. Due to various reasons such as late admission in the village and young age, 3 children stayed out of school system. 1 reintegrated girl was provided support by SOS Children’s Village Maputo Secondary School.

All the 7 children from SOS Kindergarten passed to the next age groups or to grade 1 respectively. The 3 teenagers attending Institutes also passed to the following school levels and the 3 teenagers under Vocational Training passed to the next levels. The Mothers, Aunties as well as the Village Educator organized home-based studies to speed up their understanding of the school subjects. This could be the reason why the village reached an acceptable percentage of pass-rates by the end of the school year.

The village cultural team, with the support of a volunteer monitor, practiced dancing activities (rehearsals) and had the opportunity to peform on television at TVM (Televisão de Moçambique) and STV (Soico Televisão). This was marvellous because the village image was spread throughout the country.

One of the best teams in Maputo

For the first time, the SOS Football Teams participated in the provincial championship this year. The female team failed to qualify after the first round. However, Paloma was the best female player and scorer of the first round. "I am very sad because my team will not continue to the second round of the championship", said Paloma. "But I am very happy to be awarded best player and scorer of the first round of the championship. Still, I think that individual achievements are less important than achievements of the team as a whole".

The male team performed amazingly and managed to pass to the second round of the championship. Three are so far the best and talented players of the championship, and they are already in contact with couches from other teams. One of them is Elias, who scored three of the four goals that led the team for the second round of the championship. "My teammates are very talented and the comprehension we have on the field is crucial for any result. We are one of the best teams in Maputo", shared a confident Elias.

"The dream of any football player is to play in a team that competes in the national championship and I do believe that this may happen in my life", said Rico, one of the boys that might be leaving the SOS-team. "I am praying to see that happen, but the main objective for the moment is to take my SOS-team to the national phase of the championship".