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Drug awareness

More than 95 % of drug users in the country  are young people around the age of  17 to 22 years old. My colleages understood that the development of children and young people comes down to a  close and interactive collaboration with them. This proactive approach aims to give a central place to the voices of children and young people, thereby encouraging their active participation, especially on sensitive issues that concern youth.  

The soaring use of drugs among young people has far-reaching consequences, affecting both individual health and social cohesion. Thus, it is important to talk and highlight the topics with the children and young people in our care. 

The conversation

They had the meeting in the village where different speakers such as the local police, influencers, singers and former drug users came to explain and talk about the subject. The children were very receptive, asked questions and took notes. 

Do you regret that first time you tried the substance? asked Felana, 17 years old.  
“If only, I could go back…” was the answer she got from the former drug user. The children were all moved by what they heard. It never crossed my mind. But after hearing that guy. I am even more convinced of the bad consequences of those drugs” concluded Sergio, 15 years old. 

The aim of this initiative is to prevent the use of psychoactive substances among young people by increasing their understanding of the associated risks and actively encouraging them to become involved in their own personal and social development. This initiative would not be possible without teammembers like you! 

Children in Madagascar, dancing and laughing together.
Lovanirina Luddo Aina Armand

More for the community

The colleagues in the outreach program understood how access to health care is still restricted for those who cannot afford it. The partneship with local healthcare center arrived to a village and decided to grant free consultation and treatment for the 500 children enrolled in the school there, as well as their respective parents.

“Can I bring my parents and my grandmother tomorrow then to see the doctors?” asked Hobifitia to my colleague Jérôme, whom replied: “Yes. Several kinds of doctors will be there”.

Health for all

People were already gathering ouside the gate as Jérôme and his teams installed the banner and plugged in in the necessary materials. The children and their parents passed through the door with their access pass then joined the doctor of their choice. Some queued up at the dentistery, some brought their babies to the pediatricians.

Hobifita took her father by the hand sat in the ophtamologist’s stand. She explained how her eyes itch and showed the doctor her broken glasses. She unhesistantigly followed the different assessment then went to the other stall to choose her new glasses. ”Now, let’s go over there and talk about your allergies, dad” said Hobifitia. “We cannot be thankful enough for this kind of event. It really cares and saves the lives of those of us who don’t have the means to consult expert doctors.” said Filibera, as he put his medicines in his totebag. As a donor, you save lives.


Changes are made possible in the lives of the  children, youth, and families because of your support. Thank you very much!

Kind wishes,
Lovanirina Luddo Aina Armand
National Director Assistant/ National Sponsorship Coordinator
SOS Children’s Villages Madagascar


*Kindly note that for data protection reasons, I have changed all the names in the stories. And the children in the picture are not the children in the story.

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